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Let's Check Out Some of the Rescue Squad Vehicles

The newest 100-piece Click-A-Brick set is Rescue Squad and it pays tribute to emergency services.

Emergency services like police and search and rescue are super important. Hopefully, you will never need to use these emergency services because if you do, it means you're in a lot of trouble. 

Like the name implies, emergency services help people out during emergencies. If you get lost in the woods or lost at sea or trapped by an avalanche, it is emergency services that help you. 

They can come in many forms: 

  • police
  • firefighters
  • search and rescue
  • coast guard
  • ambulance
  • air ambulance

Let's take a look at some of the various rescue vehicles that are included in the Click-A-Brick Rescue Squad set.

Police Car

You're probably familiar with a police car and you've probably seen them in whatever town, city or rural area you live in. They are the cars police officers use to drive around. If there is an emergency, you can bet you'll probably see one of these. 

Search Plane

If someone is lost and there is a huge area to cover, often search and rescue operators will use planes to search from the sky so the people are easier to spot.

Search and Rescue Helicopter

While planes are good for searching large areas, once someone is spotted, helicopters are often brought in to rescue people who need it because they can hover.

Rescue Boat

 For people who are in danger in the ocean, rescue boats can get to them quickly and get them to safety.

Search and Rescue Truck

Trucks are useful in a lot of situations, including search and rescue operations. They can carry a lot of emergency equipment and go where other vehicles may not be able to go.

Rescue Robot

Robots help people in a lot of ways, including emergency services. Robots that have been specifically designed for rescuing people are used in situations like mining accidents, disasters like earthquakes, hostage situations, and explosions.