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Construction Worker Shortage? We Can Help with That!

Click-A-Brick Mighty Machines set

With building blocks being so popular in the United States, it’s safe to say that there is definitely no shortage of toy builders. But, there is definitely a shortage of real builders.

We like keeping this blog light and fun, so we won’t go into crazy details here, but the US has a massive shortage of construction workers right now.

How massive?

According to a study done in October of 2014 by Associated General Contractors of America, a whopping 83% of construction firms don’t have enough skilled construction workers and 30% of those firms have even had to turn down work because they don’t have enough workers.

What does all that have to do with Click-A-Brick?

Well, we think we can help out with that massive shortage of construction workers the US is struggling with, not immediately, mind you, but over time.

How We can Help

This is where the Click-A-Brick 100-piece Mighty Machines set comes into play. (Pun totally intended!) With Mighty Machines, children can create a loader, a dump truck, a digger and a backhoe, plus a helicopter (or a helicopter-shaped drone, if you prefer) and other construction-related vehicles. 

Playing with the Mighty Machines set gives children a double dose of learning. Not only do they improve their cognitive development and motor skills with the set, but they can learn about how these machines help build the buildings they go to everyday.

Click-A-Brick Mighty Machines loaderThis may prompt them to take an interest in the construction trade. And, not only would it benefit the construction industry if more kids were to get interested in it and choose it as a career, but it would largely benefit those kids later on in life with a solid career that -- at this point in time, anyway -- looks like it would be long-term.

Obviously we’re not saying that Click-A-Brick is going to solve the skilled worker shortage in the construction industry overnight or even solve it at all, but, people start to develop their interests early in life. If the Mighty Machines set can spark an interest in construction in boys and girls, it may stick with them into adulthood.

As a new generation grows up, hopefully many of them will realize that construction is a lucrative and fulfilling career. We think Click-A-Brick can at least help get them interested in knowing how things like buildings and bridges and stuff are made. But, it takes parental involvement, too. Parents can always tell their kids about the vehicles they are making with the Mighty Machines set and what those vehicles do.

Now, we’re all about letting kids make their own decisions about what they wanna do in life and we’re certainly not suggesting you push your child toward a construction career, but every parent wants the best for their child and introducing them to Click-A-Brick is always a great idea. No matter what set you choose, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to learn and grow while they imagine and build.