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Save the Rainforests with Rainforest Rascals!

 Rainforest Rascals 30-piece building block toy for boys and girls

As you know, we here at Click-A-Brick love helping kids learn about the world around them. The more they learn, the more opportunity they will have to make the world a better place.

Rainforest Rascals 30-piece building block toy for boys and girlsRainforest Rascals 30-piece building block toy for boys and girlsYou can help us teach children about the world around them and the importance of caring for it with the 30-piece Rainforest Rascals set.

This set can be used to teach children about the rainforest and build interest about rainforest conservation.

We are hoping that by getting children interested in rainforest conservation the next generation of adults will make a concerted effort to save this important ecosystem.

Rainforest Rascals 30-piece building block toy for boys and girlsAccording to the Rainforest Conservation Fund, rainforests are disappearing at the rate of hundreds of thousands of square miles per year. If not stopped, it is estimated that they could completely disappear by the mid-21st century!

Can you even imagine a world without rainforests? That would be terrible! We don't even want to imagine a world without the rainforests and all the good things they do for the Earth.

Not only would it be terrible for regions of the Earth that currently have rainforests, it Click-A-Brick 30-piece Rainforest Rascals educational building block toy for boys and girlswould be terrible for the whole Earth because rainforests play an integral role in maintaining the Earth’s climate. Plus, rainforests are home to about half the plant and animal species on Earth.

Exactly how important the rainforests are to our planet may be a little too much to grasp for kids, but  you can help them cultivate an interest in rainforest conservation by getting your kids to build the animals in the Rainforest Rascals set and then talking to them about the animals they are building and where they come from.

Rainforest Rascals 30-piece building block toy for boys and girlsThey won’t just be building these reptiles and amphibians without thinking about them. Children are curious about the world so they’re probably wondering about these animals, where they come from, what they are and where they live. If parents are there to stimulate this type of learning with their kids, it could very well influence them enough to become really interested in helping to save the rainforest as an adult. The more people interested in rainforest conservation, the better!

The power of knowledge and the desire to do the right thing are two of the most important gifts you can give your child. Let us help you help them want to make the world a better place.