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What's New With Click-A-Brick & Our Learning Toys?

We like to keep ourselves busy at Click-A-Brick, and are always busy trying to connect the pieces, and come up with our next aim or idea. The learning toys that we make are starting to take a hold in the market place. To put it another way, children really like our toys. Satisfied customers have left us hundreds of positive reviews about our building sets, and as always these keep rolling in.

The Army Defenders Set

Our most recent and most exciting development is the release of the Army Defenders Set. Adding a new product to our range was a little daunting, but was something that we were very keen to do. Besides, it was popular demand that caused us to release the building set early!

The Army Defenders have been met with a warm regard so far. Both boys and girls alike are enjoying the 10-in-1, 100 piece set. With it, children can build anything from tanks and jets, to robots and even a dinosaur.

What Else?

We have been working full speed ahead at Click-A-Brick, with much of the focus of our team going into the release of the new building set. We would, however, like to emphasize that the animal kingdom set is here to stay, and is still a popular choice with kids. Some people like cute fluffy animals, and others like battle trucks. Choice and preference are healthy, but either way learning toys have many benefits, and assist in child development.

Another one of our aims is to bring to light the educational value of our building toys, and encourage imaginative and creative play. Our blog is beginning to illustrate this, and as we progress we want to provide valuable information to parents, about the power of play and learning.

What Does The Future Hold?

Our future holds a certain amount of uncertainty, but we are sure of one thing. Click-A-Brick is here to stay. We are thankful for the warm reception we have received so far. It has given us confidence moving forward.

In the future we plan to continue to develop and release more building sets, giving children more options for play, and more ways to stretch their imagination. The Army Defenders Set adds a new dimension to our toys, and we want to expand our range, reach out to more parents, and bring educational toys into more households.