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Click-A-Bricks + Books = Your Child Becoming a Reading Star


In a perfect world, kids would be born with an innate desire to read. But, since we live in our world, sometimes kids need a little motivation to get them devouring those books … with their eyes, of course. (If your child is actually devouring books, you should seek help for them and maybe get them a snack.)

A significant factor that plays a role in turning children into frequent readers is reading books that let them use their imagination, according to this year’s Scholastic Kids & Family Report.

Our very own Georg de Gorostiza (co-founder and brand manager extraordinaire) says parents can use Click-A-Brick to help stimulate that all-important love of reading by combining the building toy with the right books. The best books to do this with are ones that have characters that correspond to items that kids can build with the various sets.

Of course, kids can build anything with Click-A-Brick, but we’ll stick to the things that have instructions for building.

Animal Kingdom

With the Animal Kingdom set, for example, parents can play with their children after reading a book with animals as characters and then use the blocks to build the animals they just finished reading about.

The Animal Kingdom set comes with instructions to build a lion, plus detailed photos that children can reference to help them build a giraffe, wolf, monkey and camel. Parents can choose a book with one of the animals featured in the set or they can choose a book with a different animal and ask their kids to try and create it with the educational toy.

Here is just a tiny snippet of books that you can pair with Click-A-Brick’s Animal Kingdom set to help foster a love of reading with your children:

Any of Click-A-Brick’s other sets can also be paired with books that feature characters or settings that relate to what the sets can build.

Try it today with your child and you’ll see within a few weeks they’ll be searching out books on their own to devour … with their eyes, of course.