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Turn Your Child Into a Bird Expert with Help from Click-A-Brick

Do your children like birds? Of course they do. That was a rhetorical question. 

Here is something that definitely isn't rhetorical, though: You can totally use Click-A-Brick to teach your bambinos and bambinas about birds.

Much like the Animal Kingdom set can foster an interest in animals at an early age, the Feather Friends set can be used to help children get a better grasp of birds from an early age.

We always try to keep the focus with Click-A-Brick on learning and we don’t believe kids should just be learning about the latest movie characters and franchises. We believe they should also be learning about the world around them and we want parents to keep that in mind when they buy Click-A-Brick for their children.

Kids love learning about animals and birds hold a special place for most kids because they can fly (the lucky ducks … and various other lucky birds).

Here's what you can do with your Feather Friends set to turn your kids into avian experts.

1. Read books that have birds as characters and build the birds that are in the books.

Even if children can’t read yet, they love listening to stories and looking at the pictures. We encourage parents to try to find books with the birds that are in the set so they can identify them with their children and build them together.

The Feather Friends set has instructions to build:

  • a macaw,
  • a toucan,
  • a flamingo,
  • a cockatiel, and
  • a kingfisher.

2.Research the birds in the set and talk about them while helping children build them.

Relax. We don’t mean in-depth research. We're not doing a school report, after all. We just mean parents can read a little about the various birds the set can make and talk to their kids about them as they’re making them. Kids love to learn and we believe they learn best when they don’t even realize it.

3. Visit a zoo and identify the birds in the set.

Plan a trip to the zoo and talk about and identify the animals in both the Feather Friends and Animal Kingdom sets. You can either ask your kids to build the animals and birds you've seen after the trip, or take Click-A-Brick along and sit down somewhere and build them right there at the zoo.

4. Identify local birds and try to create them using Click-A-Brick.

Unless you live in one of the super tropical states, you're not likely to see the birds in the Feather Friends set flying around your neighborhood. However, what you can do is identify local birds and ask your kids to build those instead. They likely won’t be as colorful as the tropical birds, but it will still help children learn about the birds in their own backyards.

5. Identify other birds using books or some other source and try to build them.

Whether it’s in books, in movies or even on cereal boxes, parents can point out birds to children and see if they can build that feather friend from their Click-A-Bricks. (Although, we do not recommend pointing to your chicken nuggets and asking them to build a chicken.)