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Let's Meet the Bug's Life Bugs

You like bugs, right? They come in all shapes and sizes, they can do amazing things and they are basically the most wondrous animals on the planet. Bugs may be small, but for their size, they're the strongest, fastest and highest-jumping creatures on Earth. We here at Click-A-Brick love bugs … except mosquitoes, obviously. 

Let's take a look at the insects featured in our brand new Bug's Life set:

Rhino Beetle 

Rhinoceros beetles come in many different varieties, but the males all have distinctive horns on their faces that make them look like … giraffes.

Hold on a second! That can't be right!

… Actually, the horns on their faces make them look like rhinoceroses. But, don't worry. Even though these big beetles can get up to 6 inches in size, they're harmless to humans.  

Stag Beetle

The stag beetle also comes in many many different varieties. These beetles got their name because the males' impressive mandibles (those are the long things sticking out of their faces) look like the antlers on a stag (an adult, male deer). 

Stag beetles can also grow quite large. 


Grasshoppers have powerful hind legs that allow them to jump great distances. That's how they escape predators that want to eat them. Grasshoppers like to eat plants and sometimes they can be a real problem for farmers if there are too many of them in one area. 


You may have heard a cicada before because they make very loud sounds. They live in trees and like to eat sap. There are many different types of cicadas, and each type has their own distinct mating song.


Dragonflies are probably the prettiest of the bugs in this list. They often have wonderful colors that make them easy to spot and they have big eyes. But, here is the best part about dragonflies; they eat mosquitoes! That's why we love them.