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Give Your Mom These Personalized Gifts She’ll Love

Everyone can agree: Moms are the best, and they get one day  - Mother’s Day - to really celebrate and enjoy that precious role in life. So kids (and Dads) of all ages are scrambling to find the perfect gift. And while handmade cards with “Thank you! You’re the Best!” are a great start, there’s plenty of last-minute personalized gifts that will warm her heart. We’ve rounded up some thoughtful DIY crafts and showstopping gift ideas that will make her the happiest Mom around.

  • 1. Paper Mache Bowls
  • Crafting with items found around the house is a simple and inexpensive way to create some personalized gifts for Moms. Toddlers and school-age kids alike will get a kick out of making these colorful paper mache bowls, and boy-oh-boy are they lovely.

    2. Spa-in-a-Box

    Every mom loves some pampering and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat her to some relaxation. Kids and Dads can team up and create homemade spa treatments using common household ingredients (think milk, sugar, and oil) and a few extra supplies found in any neighborhood grocery store. Get the details on how to make this special spa experience at Boulder Locavore and make sure you let your little ones explain the science behind each treatment.

    3. Rainbow Wind Chimes

    Part nature exploration, part art project and a really cool gift, all in one. Kids can gather twigs of all sizes and paint them at home to make these wind chimes that will add a pop of color to any patio or garden.

    4. Gifts of Experience

    The gift of experience can be one of the most meaningful ways to not only honor the Moms in your lives but create new memories (or even traditions) that last a lifetime. Little ones could pack a Road Trip Kit with their favorite snacks, building blocks and portable hammock, or make a Family Fort Kit with some sheets, string of lights, flashlight and a box of treats to eat during storytime.

    Any of these fun homemade gifts will make for a special day to remember.