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StemBox Gives Girls Great Gifts

Click-A-Brick STEM gift for girls and boys

Have you heard of StemBox?

It’s the latest way to get girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

With StemBox, girls sign up to a subscription service that will send them a kit each month that includes everything they need to perform a science experiment. Each StemBox has a different concept to explore and different experiments to perform.

In addition to the boxes, the company also hosts a YouTube channel where girls can find tutorials for the experiments and learn more about each box’s concept.

Founder Kina McAllister is a research scientist and says she wants to help more girls stay interested in science throughout the middle and high school years when their love of science tends to fade, as it's often pushed more toward boys and less towards girls.

“At school, during the book fairs there would be ‘Gross Science!’ kits for sale, but they were always intended and marketed for the boys,” McAllister says on the StemBox website. “A lot of the things I was supposed to be reading and playing with were pink and fluffy. I don’t know what made me use my allowance to buy the ‘Gross Science!’ kit, maybe it was the competitive side in me wanting to prove people I could do things just as well as the boys could, but I’m glad I did. I want to give girls their own equivalent of ‘Gross Science!’ without turning them off to the idea of science.”

As soon as we saw the StemBox concept, we were really impressed with it, particularly the subscription part. Not only does it give girls hands on experience with science, but it adds that extra bit of excitement for them as they wait for the next kit to arrive. Who doesn’t love getting mail?!?!?

Kids, especially girls, need all the encouragement they can get to pursue their interest in science and we love how StemBox does that.

At Click-A-Brick, we also love encouraging girls (and boys) to pursue their love of science. We encourage all kids to take an active interest in science, technology, engineering art and math.