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Educational Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Launches In Germany

Click-A-Brick has launched in Germany on that country’s Amazon site, marking the fourth country the educational building toy is now available in. All of the company’s sets are available on the German site, including the recently released 100-piece Rescue Squad set. This is the first time Click-A-Brick sets have been available for purchase on the European mainland, having been sold in the United Kingdom for several months now. In addition to Germany and the UK, Click-A-Brick is also available in the United States and a select number of sets are available in Canada.

The launch is part of an ongoing push to expand the brand’s international footprint throughout Europe. With the brand’s jump to the European mainland, the continued expansion means more opportunities, as well as challenges, Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say.

“We’re obviously thrilled to be expanding as quickly as we are,” Smith said. “It’s great to know that Click-A-Brick is now an educational building toy brand recognized in multiple countries. It brings a lot of new opportunity for us, but also some new challenges, which we appreciate because it’s not good to get too comfortable in business. We constantly want to be pushing our horizons and international expansion is a great way to do that and to make sure we are keeping on our toes, so to speak. We have to adjust to the new market and adapt our marketing techniques.”

The company’s next endeavor will be to make the sets available for purchase in Spain and after that, the company wants to work on growing its infrastructure.

“We’ve targeted Germany and Spain as the two big markets that we want to enter in Europe,” Smith said. “Between those two countries and the UK, we think we’ll have a robust foothold on the continent and our next step is to shore up our operations internally to help cope with this rapid expansion. We’re still a young company and now -- to use a person metaphor -- it’s time for us to fill out our frame. Even though we have expanded rapidly, we’re still a surprisingly small operation, so once we’re in the Spanish market, we want to start working on adding to our already amazing team to make sure we are in a position to fully capitalize on our growth.”

Future plans for the young company include expanding its product line with offerings for both younger and older children than it currently targets. Those plans include sets that have a robotic element to them.

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