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Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Wants To Continue To Help Parents Afford STEM Toys With Extension Of Promotion

Click-A-Brick’s newest set, the recently-released Rescue Squad, has been the company’s quickest selling set out of the gate, surging to more one-day sales upon release than any of the brand’s other sets. The team at thebuilding toy company attribute this to the brand’s increasing name recognition and also because the set was simultaneously released on Amazon in both the United States and the United Kingdom, making it available to a broad swath of fans upon its release.

And while the company co-founders, Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza, are thrilled that Rescue Squad has gotten off to a hot start, they still plan to extend the same 20 percent discount promotion to the newest set that they had in place for the also recently-released 30-piece Bug’s Life and Sandy Sidekicks sets. The discount is meant to give all parents an equal opportunity to purchase an educational toy for their children and is even more important with the costlier 100-piece set.

“Giving parents and customers a twenty percent discount on the 30-piece sets was our way of making them more affordable for parents that might not have the means to purchase an educational toy for their children,” Smith said. “The hundred piece set is obviously a bit more expensive, so this discount means even more. With Rescue Squad having taken off and being our quickest seller out of the gate, we could have just been satisfied with that, but our goal has always been to get educational toys into the hands of as many kids as we can to help them with their development.”

The entrepreneurial team behind the popular building toy say a big part of the reason Rescue Squad has been the brand’s biggest launch day seller is because of the simultaneous launch of Bug’s Life and Sandy Sidekicks in the US and UK. Releasing those two sets concurrently in the two countries primed people for the launch of the bigger set.

“We’re still working on getting a good foothold in the UK, so to do that, we released these three sets -- Bug’s Life, Sandy Sidekicks and now Rescue Squad -- back-to-back-to-back so each one could build off the momentum of the one before it.” Smith said. “We’re seeing that pay off now with the launch day success of Rescue Squad. The two smaller sets kind of set the stage so to speak for the larger set and got people in the UK interested in Click-A-Brick. Once Rescue Squad launched, people already knew about the brand and were interested in it and the launch day numbers show that.”

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