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Newest Building Block Toy Now Available At For Convenient And Secure Christmas Shopping

Click-A-Brick™ has made the jump to for convenient and secure Christmas shopping this holiday season.

By making their products available at everyone’s favorite online store, Click-A-Brick™ makes it easy for Christmas shoppers to get the newest connectible building block toy on the market from the security and convenience of their accounts. This saves them from having to visit and enter their credit card details on an unfamiliar website.

The Click-A-Brick™ Animal Kingdom Safari 30pc 5-in-1 set will retail on for $19.99. It has already garnered praise from users who have given the product an overall 4.5 star rating.

While the Click-A-Brick™ site is 100% secure, Click-A-Brick™ brand manager Georg de Gorostiza says, “... shoppers tend to prefer to do their online shopping at one site that they’re already familiar with. And Click-A-Brick™ is happy to oblige”.

“We know that when people are doing their Christmas shopping online, they prefer to shop at sites they trust where they can shop for multiple items at one time,” says de Gorostiza. “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find our product and allow them to use a trusted website like to purchase Click-A-Brick™ so they wouldn’t have to enter their credit card information at an unfamiliar site.”

About Click-A-Brick™

Ideal for ages 3 and up, Click-A-Brick™’s 2cm by 2cm blocks make them less of a choking hazard than other connectible building blocks. They are easy for toddlers to separate and won't get lost in the carpet. They are made from ABS plastic with no PVC or toxic materials.

What makes Click-A-Brick™ unique is their ability to connect from all sides. For little builders, this means they don’t have to start creating from the ground up like with other building toys. They can start building their creations and connect going up or down and building outwards, giving them more possibilities for building what they like.

As an educational toy, Click-A-Brick™ promotes cognitive and creative thinking skills and keeps kids engaged for longer periods. Preschoolers love the act of connecting and disconnecting the blocks, which are large enough for their little hands to grip easily. Older kids love the challenge of building. And they all love Click-A-Brick™’s distinctive clicking sound that lets them know the blocks are securely snapped togethe