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Newest Building Block Toy On The Market Announces Free Shipping For Easy Christmas Shopping Prime membership makes Click-A-Brick’s Animal Kingdom Safari building block set even more affordable for families who want to give their children the Christmas gift of a toy that will stimulate them creatively and nurture a love of learning.

Free shipping is just one way an Prime membership helps save people money and Click-A-Brick is happy for Prime users to take advantage of this benefit. It allows parents to save more money at what is usually an expensive time of the year.

Helping families cut down their holiday expenses is a top goal for Click-A-Brick, Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says.

“Families want all the breaks they can get at this time of year with all the expenses they have going on,” de Gorostiza says. “We are happy that let’s us help people save even more money with its Prime membership benefits. We all know that feeling when you’re excited about getting a great deal online but then you forget to factor in the shipping charges and that deal becomes a little less great. With Click-A-Brick right now, provided you have an Prime membership, the price you see is the price you pay.”

About Click-A-Brick

Currently available on, Click-A-Brick’s initial product offering, the Animal Kingdom Safari building block set, features easy-to-handle 2cm by 2cm blocks that boys and girls can use to create all kinds of animals. The set comes with instructions to build a lion, but kids can also build a camel, monkey, wolf and giraffe or any other animal they can imagine.

The larger average block size mean that Click-A-Brick poses less of a choking hazard than other connectible building block toys on the market. This larger size also makes them easier for toddlers to connect and pull apart, which helps their motor skills development. Their distinct clicking sound lets kids know the bricks are securely locked in place as they build. Ideal for children ages 3 and up, Click-A-Brick building sets use only ABS plastic with absolutely no PVC nor any toxic materials.

Along with motor skill development, Click-A-Brick helps mental development by promoting problem solving and stimulating creative thinking in children. The act of building, tearing apart and building again keeps youngsters engaged for longer periods.

Consumer testing has shown that parents love the creativity that Click-A-Brick inspires. Children love the blocks because they connect from all sides, meaning they don’t need to start from the bottom and work upward. They can build downward and outward, making creating with Click-A-Brick more fun than other building block sets on the market.