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New Building Block Toy Click-A-Brick Reaches First Week Sales Milestone

The newest building blocks on the market, Click-A-Brick, not only reached its first week sales milestone for its Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 building block set, but easily surpassed it. Since its launch on Dec. 10, the building block toy has shifted all of its stock and has built a substantial waiting list, as people have snapped it up in time for Christmas. The company has received emergency stock to fill the Christmas rush.

Not only did Click-A-Brick exceed its first week sales milestone, it is also increasing units moved per day each day. And people who have purchased the Animal Kingdom Safari set have also put their name on the waiting list for future Click-A-Brick sets.

Click-A-Brick co-founder and brand manager Georg de Gorostiza said the company is pleasantly surprised with the demand.

“I’d like to say we saw this coming, but the truth is we were shocked by the immediate demand for the product. We thought it would do well and we were expecting to reach our first week sales milestone, but we weren’t quite expecting to blow right by it,” de Gorostiza said. “In retrospect, though, this makes perfect sense. We believe Click-A-Brick is different enough from other building block toys on the market to carve out its own niche. The demand we’re seeing has just reinforced that belief for us. We can’t wait to get going on more sets. We’ll need to set our sales milestones a bit higher next time, but hopefully we’ll be able to surpass those, too.”

Helping Click-A-Brick surpass its first week sales milestone was a hectic launch day that saw the company move about 200 Animal Kingdom Safari sets within a half-hour from its page. The company received orders from all over the country during its first week of sales and it is filling them as soon as new stock arrives.

A different building block

Demand for Click-A-Brick is driven in part by its unique take on the building block design, which sees the blocks able to connect from all sides rather than just being connectable from one side. This allows children to build in all directions with Click-A-Brick and makes them both a mentally and physically stimulating offering in the building block market.