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Click-A-Brick Queries Customers For Exciting Building Block Set Ideas

What the customer wants, the customer gets. That’s the thinking behind the customer survey Click-A-Brick is currently conducting with select people who purchased its Animal Kingdom Safari 30-piece 5-in-1 building block set. The company wants to hear what themes consumers would like to see for future Click-A-Brick sets.

The company has already started to email several dozen customers and has provided them a long list of themes to choose from. These themes are broken up into choices for both boys and girls, plus several unisex options. One of the reasons the company is soliciting customer opinions is that, being a smaller company, they cannot rely on licensing deals or guessing what customers want.

Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza said giving parents a say in what sets Click-A-Brick introduces next gives them a sense of belonging to the Click-A-Brick family.

“Because we’re just starting out, we want convey that sense of familiarity with our customers,” de Gorostiza says. “You buy a Click-A-Brick set, you’re part of the growing Click-A-Brick family and your opinion matters to us. Unlike other building block toy companies, we want customers to feel like they don’t just have to take what we give them. They have a bit of a say in things. It’s not a small decision for us to figure out what we want to introduce as the next Click-A-Brick sets, so we think the parents who’ve already purchased the Animal Kingdom Safari set will be really keen to share their opinions and help shape the brand.”

As part of its customer outreach, Click-A-Brick has chosen two hundred customers who have registered their emails with the company to participate in the survey. Parents will be encouraged to talk with their children about what themes they want to see, as well.

Space exploration, underwater exploration, police work and dinosaurs are just some of the possible themes parents can choose. Click-A-Brick is also interested in hearing from parents about how important they believe gender specific sets are, or if they believe unisex sets are a better option.  

Once Click-A-Brick has compiled the survey results, they will decide what themes the new building block sets will have and announce them.