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Click-A-Brick Building Blocks Pass 100 Reviews On, Retain 4.5 Rating

Building block toy Click-A-Brick recently surpassed the 100 review milestone on and parents, customers and children alike have shown the toy enough love to maintain its 4.5 star review status.

From the time the Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari 30pc Educational Toys Building Blocks Set for Boys and Girls appeared on, it has been garnering high praise from reviewers on the site and even though it has surpassed the 100 review milestone, that rating is still intact.

Reviewers continue to heap praise on Click-A-Brick’s ability to snap together at various angles and build outward as opposed to just building upward. Many reviewers also said they appreciate the colors of Click-A-Brick, which they liked in comparison to the primary colors that one tends to see in the building toy market. The affordable price point also had reviewers praising Click-A-Brick, as it’s much more affordably priced than the more well-known brands in the building toy segment.

Click-A-Brick co-founder and brand manager Georg de Gorostiza says he’s thrilled the building block toy has managed to maintain such a high rating even after surpassing 100 reviews.

“We had reaching 100 reviews down as a significant milestone for the company and we were hoping to have a four-star rating at that point,” de Gorostiza said. “So, to maintain a near-perfect 4.5-star rating is just a bonus for us. We’re hoping to keep the momentum going for our next hundred reviews. When you know you have a good product, seeing people give it such honest and high praise just reinforces your belief in the product. We encourage anyone who buys Click-A-Brick through to leave a review and give their completely honest opinion. It’s an important way for us to gauge customer satisfaction.”

The sustained high rating for the Animal Kingdom Safari set bodes well not just for that particular set, but for the company as a whole, de Gorostiza says. With more, larger sets on the way, the company is confident that the reviews it has received so far will carry over to the new sets once they are available on

So far, the company has been on a roll surpassing its various goals. It has surpassed both its opening week and opening month sales goals and has continued strong sales into the relatively quiet late winter/early spring period.