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8 Reasons Why Building Toys Will Always Be A Favorite

Kids have always had in common a shared joy when playing with toys. The type of toys that they have enjoyed has changed over time, but aside from cultural and generational trends some toys have been around for many lifetimes, and seem to be here to stay, though they tend to evolve and adapt with the changing times. Building toys are one such timeless treasures.

Building blocks have been around as toys since around the 1700s, though we are pretty sure that people have been stacking objects on top of one another since long before that. Early blocks were simple, and were often stacked loose. More recent building toys, like Click-A-Brick, are manufactured to allow for a more solid connection to other blocks, and therefore more elaborate designs and more fun.

With such an enduring lifespan, and new innovations and improvements still coming to the marketplace, there must be reasons why parents and children alike love building block toys? 

  • 1. Building Toys Encourage Imaginative Play

    Kids love to play using their imagination. It has always been this way, and it always will be that way. There is something innate about this; children seem to have an instinctive pull towards the land of imagination, and love to play with toys that facilitates this. Building toys allow children to construct whatever they can think of in their mind, and then they can use their imagination to play with whatever it is they have built. With so much potential, it is a wonder they can ever put down their creations.

    2. They Are Limitless

    Given all of this imaginative potential, the limitless and unending fun of the legendary building block becomes quite clear. Kids can make whatever they can think of. They can then play with this in any way they want. When they have had enough they can break it up and start again – a scary thought for us adults, but a big excitement for children.

    3. They Help Children To Build

    It's an obvious point, but we wouldn't want to overlook it. Building blocks help children to build. This is not only good practice for future engineers, but also allows kids to gain motor skills, and to be able to make models and function visually.

    4. Building Blocks Are Educational Toys

    Aside from the engineering skills, building blocks are also a favorite because they are educational. Children, believe it or not (and you probably will if you are a parent), love to learn, especially if they can have a lot of fun while they do it. Building blocks are challenging, and require some time and effort to get the best results. They allow children to progress and advance, and 'level up' their design skills.

    5. They Are Firm Favorites With Parents

    The educational value of building block toys has made them a firm favorite with parents over the course of many generations. Children can ask for toys, but the buying power is in the hands of parents, who have always favored toys that can add educational value to their child's life. Sensibly.

    6. Building Blocks Grow With The Child

    Every child is different, and one child can go through a whole range of different moods, and a whole different range of personality traits during their development. As they grow and change they often outgrow old toys, change their mind about fads, and experiment with new and different toys. Building blocks seem to transcend these stages and phases, because they are so wide appealing and easy to adapt. They change with the child. What was an aquarium, can soon be a spaceship, or a dinosaur.

    7. Different Kinds Of Play

    There are many different ways to play with building block toys. Children can play indoors, play outdoors, play alone, with other children or with their parents. They can build from instructions and try to make a specific design, try to copy their play buddy, or be a freestyle creator. They can also be used with other toys and figurines. Your child can build a new doll, or a new action hero.

    8. Building Toys Are Great Fun!

    If you try to tell your child all of these reasons why building block toys are a firm favorite, and ask them why they love their building set so much, they will probably tell you that they have great fun making and playing!