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Click-A-Brick Praises Return Customers For New Building Toy Sets’ Solid Start

Click-A-Brick's latest building toy sets, released last month, are already selling well, capitalizing on the success of the company's original two sets. Sales numbers for Feather Friends and Mighty Machines are in line with the company's more ambitious sales goals.

After the success of its first two sets -- Animal Kingdom Safari and Army Defenders -- Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza decided to increase their sales goals to more accurately reflect what they expect from their new sets. The pair of businessmen say the strong showing of the recently released sets indicate the brand is picking up steam.

They credit a strong customer base that features a lot of returning customers, plus a strong and growing reputation for being a sturdy and engaging learning toy, for the rapid success of their latest two sets.

“We were sort of caught off guard with the popularity of Click-A-Brick when we first started," Smith said. “But, now that we know what to expect, we have adjusted our goals and even with the new goals to reflect the more aggressive sales of Click-A-Brick, we're still doing well and reaching all the milestones for the new sets. Obviously, it has a lot to do with returning customers and the growing reputation the toy is garnering. We didn't think things would happen quite this quickly, but we're certainly glad they did. We will have another group of sets coming out shortly and we've had to push everything up due to the almost overwhelming popularity."

Available on Amazon, Feather Friends and Mighty Machines have each garnered high praise from the customers that have already purchased them, which the Click-A-Brick team says it has also come to expect from its sets. Both Animal Kingdom Safari and Army Defenders have managed to maintain a high average customer review ranking on Amazon and the new sets appear to be keeping pace with the first two for customer reviews.

The Click-A-Brick team also credit strong customer engagement, particularly on social media, for the new sets' quick sales start. The company asked its customers via Facebook to name the Army Defenders set and while both Feather Friends and Mighty Machines were named in-house, the co-founders say asking fans to name the new sets due to be released soon is something they might revisit. Asking fans to name the sets makes them feel like they are a part of the Click-A-Brick family, Smith points out, and gets people talking about the toys. Click-A-Brick is also still in negotiations with a select few brick-and-mortar retailers to sell the toys in physical locations.