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Click-A-Brick Ecstatic That Construction Toy Segment Featured In ToyNews

The Click-A-Brick team say they are pleased one of the toy industry’s most important publications, ToyNews, has featured the construction toy market segment in its July issue.

ToyNews magazine contains a monthly feature about different sectors in the toy industry and this month it has chosen the construction toy sector as one of those sectors to highlight. The magazine talks to major brands in the construction toy sector and outlines how it is primed for growth this year with lucrative licensing deals and new Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) concepts to keep it a viable learning toy.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are pleased to see the spotlight being shone on the construction toy sector from one of the toy industry’s top publications because it helps to keep the market sector at the top of people’s minds, whether they be people within the toy industry or people affected by it, most notably parents.

“We’re obviously happy that the construction toy segment is getting some love from ToyNews,” Smith said. “It’s a great resource for toy retailers and having our segment highlighted in there helps us, even if it’s indirectly. There’s lots of new innovation in the sector as companies really embrace the STEM concept and celebrate their role as a learning toy for kids and we welcome in-depth pieces about the sector by reputable publications. Although Click-A-Brick isn’t in the United Kingdom yet, where ToyNews is published, we have aspirations to get into Europe within the next few years, so it’s still very much appreciated to see this.”

While Click-A-Brick is not among the major brands that were profiled in the Sector Guide, it does give the company one more thing to aspire to, Smith says. With a tentative long-term goal to launch in the United Kingdom at some point, the Click-A-Brick entrepreneurs are just happy to see the construction toy sector is healthy in that country, as it bodes well for the company in the future.

“The major markets we want to be in are North America, Europe and Asia, so -- not to get ahead of ourselves -- but the next logical move would be to launch in the United Kingdom and then tackle the rest of Europe afterward. In another five years, if ToyNews does another Sector Guide on the construction toy segment, maybe we’ll be one of the brands featured. It’s something to strive toward.”

Currently, Click-A-Brick sells in North America and has its Animal Kingdom Safari and Army Defenders sets available in its Amazon store and on its website.