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Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Launches 3 New 30-Piece Sets

Click-A-Brick has launched three new 30-piece building toy sets: Dino Pals, Rainforest Rascals and Mini Machines.

Dino Pals is a dinosaur themed set that has red, orange and white bricks. With it, children will be able to create a Carnotaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, and a Plesiosaur.

Rainforest Rascals has a reptile and amphibian theme, featuring bricks of light green, dark green and brown. With it, children are capable of building an iguana, a snake, a frog, a turtle and a chameleon, plus any other reptiles or amphibians children can imagine.

Mini Machines has yellow, white and black bricks to go with its construction vehicle theme. It is a 30-piece version of Click-A-Brick’s 100-piece Mighty Machines set.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza decided to launch three sets simultaneously because the simultaneous launch of its last two sets -- the 30-piece bird-themed Feather Friends and the aforementioned Mighty Machines -- went well.

“We are pleased to introduce these three new sets to the Click-A-Brick family,” Smith said. “We believe Click-A-Brick fans will enjoy the variety offered by the new sets and the opportunity to grow their Click-A-Brick collections. After launching two sets at once worked so well, we thought we might as well go ahead and up the ante by launching three sets at once. More choices gets people excited. In our market research, we found that families with multiple children like the idea of simultaneous launches because they can get one set for each child without overlapping. The smaller sets act as good introductory sets for children to see if they like the toy and if they do, parents can opt for the larger sets. And we’re pretty confident most kids are going to love their Click-A-Bricks sets.”

Releasing a dinosaur themed set was an obvious choice this summer, as the Jurassic World movie has launched dinosaurs into the public’s consciousness again, the entrepreneurs say.

With the success of its Animal Kingdom Safari and Feather Friends building toy sets, the team at Click-A-Brick also wanted to keep its animal line going. In keeping with its commitment to variety, the team wanted to release a set with a different kind of animal. In this case, they went with reptiles to go along with the mammals of Animal Kingdom Safari and the birds of Feather Friends.

With the enthusiastic reaction to the 100-piece Mighty Machines set, the team decided a scaled down 30-piece version would do equally well. Mini Machines can make many of the same vehicles as the larger set, but does not have the moving components like wheels and axles.

All three of the new sets are available on Click-A-Brick’s Amazon store and will be available for order on the main Click-A-Brick website.