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Building Set Company Click-A-Brick Pumped To Participate In Amazon Prime Day

Founders of building set company Click-A-Brick Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they are excited to participate in Amazon’s Prime Day July 15 and think it’s a great idea.

On its site, Amazon said Prime Day is a global shopping event that will have more deals -- popping up throughout the day -- than Black Friday. It will be open only to Amazon Prime members and customers will be able to save on electronics, toys, video games, movies, clothing, patio furniture, lawn and garden products, sports and outdoor items and more.

The pair of business owners say they are pleased to see Amazon host a shopping event for its Prime members that will benefit not only customers, but sellers, as well. The Click-A-Brick team plans to offer deals for Amazon Prime members to take advantage of on Prime Day.

Serendipitous timing sees Prime Day landing near the launch of Click-A-Brick’s 30-piece Feather Friends set and its 100-piece Mighty Machines set, which Smith says worked out well.

“It’s almost like we planned it this way, but July 15 being so close to the launch of Feather Friends and Mighty Machines and also being Amazon Prime Day is just a coincidence, but a great coincidence,” Smith said. “We’re happy to be a part of this global shopping event. If it goes well, it could possibly change the way online shopping is done. We like innovation and Amazon is always innovating ways to make a better customer experience. An event like this also benefits the sellers just as much, though. We want to give our fans great deals and help bring some traffic to Amazon, as it’s been an amazing online selling platform for us.”

The details of what deals Click-A-Brick will be offering to customers are still being finalized, but the toy entrepreneurs say it will be comparable to deals that people would see on Black Friday. The pair are especially keen to spotlight the recently-released 30-piece Feather Friends and 100-piece Mighty Machines sets, as they are the newest offerings from Click-A-Brick. But, deals will be available on the Animal Kingdom Safari set and the Army Defenders set, as well.

If Prime Day goes as well as possible, the Click-A-Brick team would like to see it possibly become an annual event or be held multiple times throughout the year. And they are hoping it may prompt other sites to hold similar events, which is an exciting prospect for online shoppers.

In addition to providing deals for Amazon Prime members, the Click-A-Brick crew also say they will be perusing the site to see what deals they can find themselves.