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Click-A-Brick Announces Latest Educational Building Toy Set: Rainbowland

Click-A-Brick has announced the release of its latest educational building toy set slated for launch later this month. The 112-piece Rainbowland set features bricks of pink, purple, yellow, blue, beige, red, green and orange, plus eyes, axles and wheels.

With the set, children will be able to make a mermaid, a butterfly, puppies, a horse and carriage, a duck, a flamingo, flowers, a reindeer, a catapult and anything else they can imagine.

At 112 pieces, this is the largest Click-A-Brick set to date. After launching a series of smaller 30-piece sets over the summer and the recent 16-piece Click-A-Brick Booster Box, which comes with accessory pieces like eyes, axles and wheels, the company wanted to get one more larger set out in time for the holiday rush at the end of the year, Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say.

“We’re really excited for the launch of Rainbowland and we think Click-A-Brick fans will be, too,” Smith said. “It’s our biggest set and it has the most colors of any of the Click-A-Brick sets. We’re sure kids will love how you can create so much different stuff with it. These larger sets really give kids the chance to showcase their creativity and parents are constantly requesting that we release more large sets. We expect Rainbowland to be a big seller this Christmas season.”

In keeping with their commitment to gender neutrality for their toys, the team at Click-A-Brick refrained from labeling Rainbowland as a “girls building set” because they want to encourage people to buy the sets that most appeal to their children, regardless of gender.

“We didn’t want to be one of those companies that slaps a bunch of pink onto something and calls it a girls’ toy,” de Gorostiza, who also acts as the company’s Brand Manager, said. “We just want to say here is this set, these are the colors, these are some of the things it can make, but customers are free to buy it for whoever they want, whether it’s a boy or a girl. We just want to offer a quality educational toy for children and this set is different enough from our other sets that it will appeal to a different group of kids.”

Rainbowland marks the final set the company is planning on releasing this year, as it prepares for what the toy entrepreneurs are hoping will be a lucrative holiday shopping season. The new set brings the total number in the company’s stable to five 30-piece sets, two 100-piece sets and the latest 112-piece set, plus the 16-piece Booster Box.

Rainbowland will retail for $39.99 on both the Click-A-Brick Amazon page and the Click-A-Brick website.

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