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Educational Building Toy Company Click-A-Brick Gives PopSugar Blogger Thumbs Up

The team at educational building toy company Click-A-Brick heartily agree with a recent post by PopSugar blogger Laura Lifshitz that says parents need to stop pushing their children to be brilliant and instead let them learn and develop naturally through play and appreciate the skills they do develop on their own.

In a July 13 blog post on the PopSugar website entitled ‘Why It’s Time to Stop Pushing Our Kids to Be “Gifted”,’ Lifshitz says too many parents are worried about their children’s test scores and whether their children are gifted. To this end, the blogger and former teacher says, many parents are more interested in children’s test scores than any other aspect of their child’s development.

Even children who can honestly be called brilliant may not have great social skills or may lack creative talent, Lifshitz points out, while children who aren’t brilliant by the measure of test scores may have excellent people skills or shine in some other area. She calls for a more measured approach by parents to assessing their children’s development and for parents to remember how their children learn best.

“Let's not forget also that children learn best through play,” Lifshitz said in her blog post. “Parents will count on those flashcards to teach Johnny his math facts, but discredit the fact that doing this is counterintuitive to how a young child learns, which is through play. Play is also good enough just as play, and not as a learning game with a goal to achieve. Playing tag, coloring, using dolls or puppets, and more are all play for play's sake and necessary for a child's development. Not everything has to end with, ‘And this game teaches Jenny how to count in Spanish!’ If all we do is push our kids and never allow them to breathe, relax, and be themselves, later on in life, we will have a bunch of adults with encyclopedic minds without any life, flavor, creativity, or critical thinking skills in them.”

Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza, Co-Founders of educational learning toy company Click-A-Brick, are both in agreement with Lifshitz and her assertion that children don’t need to be pushed too much by parents to do well academically.

“We agree with Ms. Lifshitz that as long as kids are happy and they’re progressing with their learning, parents need not make a big deal about how much information they are exposed to prior to beginning school or about how their children stack up to other kids in their class,” Smith said. “As Ms. Lifshitz says, kids learn best while playing and not necessarily structured play where they’re meant to be learning something, but just open-ended play where they learn things basically in an inadvertent or second-hand way. When a child is building something with building blocks, they’re developing spatial and motor skills without even knowing it. Let kids be kids and they’ll soak up information and develop skills perfectly fine on their own.”

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