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Toy Company Founders Praise Wonder Workshop

The founders of the educational toy company Click-A-Brick laud the Wonder Workshop. The Wonder Workshop produces toys that teach children coding skills through play. They aim to empower children by fostering the ability to question, think, and create.

The Wonder Workshop believes that coding skills enables creativity and agency. The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, Jason Smith, commends their efforts. “When children learn how to code, they can become shapers of their own world,” Smith said. “They learn to take control of their actions and their environment. I admire what they’re doing. They provide children with opportunities to learn STEM skills. And they do it all through play. It’s the same thing we aim to accomplish at Click-A-Brick with our own toy lines.”

The mission of the founders of the Wonder Workshop is to make coding meaningful and fun for kids. They do do this through their flagship product: a programmable robot named Dash & Dot. Their first prototype was a modular robotics kit that could be programmed by adding different types of blocks to it. However, this first model was found to be physically limiting. Instead, they opted to integrate a touch device that programs and controls the robot.

The robot is programmable with a visual programming language called Blockly. Developed by Google, it allows children to program by dragging and dropping commands that snap together like puzzle pieces. Dash & Dot can be programmed to squeal when picked up, navigate around corners and evade siblings or pets.

Georg de Gorostiza, Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, praises their innovation. “It’s fantastic,” de Gorostiza said. “ I love the fact that children get to learn programming as they play. When they drag and drop blocks of code to make Dash & Dot move around, they get see the programs they make come to life in front of their eyes. The use of a visual programming language allows programming concepts to become more concrete. The fact that they can interact with the world around them leads kids to collaborate and take ownership of their own learning. This is the type of attitude towards learning we foster at Click-A-Brick.”

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