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Educational Toy Company Founders Praise the National Lekotek Center

The National Lekotek Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of special needs children through the implementation of play.

The center believes that children can reach their full potential through the toys and play. This can also strengthen social and familial ties. The Lekotek Centers provide family sessions built around play for families of children with disabilities. These activities are structured to help children learn and develop. The center utilizes toys and play to provide children with an understanding of the world around them. It aims to increment the ability to relate and interact with the world around them.

Jason Smith, the Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, praises the National Lekotek Center. “Play is the way that kids learn and develop skills,” Smith said. “At Click-A-Brick we believe that the world of play should be accessible to all children. The philosophy of Lekotek is practical and simple to understand. They seek to make a difference in the lives of children through toys & play. This is what we believe in at Click-A-Brick; and I think that our own toy lines reflect that.”

Lekotek was founded in Sweden in 1963. The foundation was created by parents of children with dis­abilities. The name “Lekotek” was created by taking the term “lek,” a Swedish root word that means toy or play, and combining it with “tek,” a Greek suffix that means library.

The first Lekotek in the United States was established in 1980. Within the first year of operation, the center moved to larger quarters because of the high demand for its services. In 1983, the National Lekotek Center expanded to other cities within the United States through a grant.

Lekotek seeks to make a difference through a comprehensive collection of programs. They offer play sessions & playgroups, parent support, and provide training for professionals or parents. The centers are a source for direct services to children and their families as well as consulting for toy manufacturers on marketing to the special needs community. A unique aspect of the Lekotek Center is the AblePlay website. This offers ratings and reviews of toys and products appropriate for children of all abilities.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, Georg de Gorostiza, lauds the National Lekotek Center. “They have such a noble mission,” de Gorostiza said. “Think about it. When a child experiences play, they can depart from a world of struggles and therapies into a world of play. It provides the basic building blocks they need to reach their cognitive and social potential. The experience of play can be used to increase the amount of interactions within the family, which forges emotional bonds within the family wand with the community at large. We hope to provide that same experience with our toy lines at Click-A-Brick.”

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