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Building Block Toy Company Click-A-Brick Expands Into United Kingdom

The duo behind building block toy company Click-A-Brick are thrilled to announce the expansion of the company into the United Kingdom via the UK Amazon site.

Four Click-A-Brick sets have begun selling on the UK Amazon site this month: the 30-piece Animal Kingdom and Rainforest Rascals sets, the 100-piece Mighty Machines set and the 112-piece Rainbowland set. The four sets were chosen to usher in Click-A-Brick’s foray into the UK because they represent a good mix of sets and can appeal to a wide range of customers across various price points.

Entering the UK market is the first step in what the pair will hope will be an expansion into the entire European Union. The initial offerings are to test how receptive the British market is and work out the logistics in that market before a more thorough launch into the UK next year and beyond.

Click-A-Brick Co-Founder Jason Smith says the UK launch brings back memories of the brand’s initial launch in the United States about a year ago.

“We are excited about entering the UK market,” Smith said. “It’s just baby steps for now, but if it goes well on Amazon over there, we’ll eventually be putting up a UK-specific website and arranging for direct shipping there. Our experience in the US will help us with getting into the UK, but it’s always different launching somewhere new. It’s that same feeling of excitement mixed with a bit of trepidation because even though we’re confident Click-A-Brick will be as successful over there as it is Stateside, it’s impossible to tell the future. With the mix of sets we’ve chosen, though, we believe it will get us off to a solid start.”

Although the UK has its own unique sets of building block brands, plus all the major players that are big sellers around the world, the Click-A-Brick team is confident that its unique design and affordability will offer something new to UK customers.

By way of some unfortunate circumstances, the company has already been shown that there seems to be demand in the UK for Click-A-Brick, Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says.

“We’ve already had an indication that people are interested in Click-A-Brick in the UK because we had noticed there were some sellers on the British Amazon site already reselling Click-A-Brick at these ridiculous prices,” de Gorostiza said. “They were selling the 30-piece sets for over 80 pounds, which is well over a hundred dollars. This was a pretty big shock to us, but it also showed us that apparently there is a market for Click-A-Brick. At least with us selling them, they won’t be crazy expensive like that. We’re going to provide customers in the UK the same affordability that we provide customers in the US.

Amazon is really good about helping to protect small exclusive sellers like us. They banished all the reseller listings of Click-A-Brick from the US Amazon site and they’re doing the same for the UK site. Support like that really helps small brands to grow and we’re glad Amazon commits to its exclusive sellers that way.”

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