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Click-A-Brick Aims To Make Educational Gifts Affordable This Christmas With Black Friday Deals

The team at Click-A-Brick are excited to make educational gifts more affordable for families on the biggest holiday shopping day of the year tomorrow. All of the brand’s eight available sets will be marked down by at least 30 percent on both the company’s Amazon store and its own website on November 27, the date of Black Friday this year.

Marking their sets down by this much allows more families the opportunity to afford to give their children an educational gift this Christmas, something the team at Click-A-Brick knows isn’t always easy, as families often have a lot of expenses this time of year.

Building block sets of a similar size can often retail in the $30 range, Click-A-Brick Co-Founder Jason Smith says, and the more well-known brands of blocks are progressively getting more expensive due to lucrative licensing deals and increased sophistication like video game tie-ins. This can leave them prohibitively expensive at this time of year when families are facing so many other expenses. By dropping their prices and making Click-A-Brick more affordable, the Co-Founder says, the company hopes it will give more families the opportunity to give the gift of an educational toy that stimulates imagination.

“We know Christmas can become expensive really quickly, so we wanted to do our best to give parents the opportunity to save some cash this holiday season,” Smith said. “Parents can think of it as our Christmas gift to them. Any little bit that can help families over the holidays is always appreciated and we’re sure a lot of parents will be scouring the internet for great deals. We just want to put our own offering out there for them. Black Friday is the day for Christmas deals and we’re excited about this one because it’s out first Black Friday.”

Click-A-Brick’s recent listing in the Amazon STEM Toy Store will make it easier to find for parents specifically looking for educational toys this Christmas, something that’s been a growing trend in recent years, Click-A-Brick Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says.

Educational gifts, particularly ones that promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics, are a hot trend again this year and will probably continue to be a trend for the foreseeable future,” de Gorostiza said. “Many parents will be looking for these types of toys this year and with Click-A-Brick now listed in the Amazon STEM toy shop, it’ll be that much easier to find them. Only a couple of the sets are listed in there at the moment, but it still gives us that added exposure and gives parents an additional avenue to find not only Click-A-Brick, but all different kinds of STEM toys. And if STEAM is a parent’s thing, where they include the A for art, we’ve got that covered, too.”

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