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Building Block Toy Company Click-A-Brick Expects Black Friday To Be Biggest Sales Day Of The Year

The entire Click-A-Brick organization is excited about the company’s first Black Friday, saying they are expecting to sell more sets of the building blocks today and on Cyber Monday on November 30 than any other days this year.

Christmas shopping has already started in earnest for the brand with over 2,000 sets sold on Sunday to kick off the week and continuing strongly throughout the week. The Click-A-Brick team is thrilled with the early Christmas shopping numbers, especially considering they weren’t expecting it to start that early, Co-Founder Jason Smith says.

“Honestly, we thought things would be pretty quiet up until Black Friday and then they would explode, so to speak, but they really started with a bang at the beginning of the week and haven’t slowed down any. We are anticipating big numbers from today, as we were expecting this, along with Cyber Monday, to be our big selling days this year. It will be interesting to see if the strong start to the week affects our performance today or if we still meet and hopefully surpass the high expectations we’ve set for ourselves.”

Having launched shortly after after Black Friday last year, this year’s big Christmas shopping day is the first for the brand and the whole team is taking in the buzz that the year’s biggest shopping day brings with it. From figuring out what price to go with for the building block sets to coordinating the promotion, the entire process has been a learning experience for the company, Click-A-Brick Co-Founder and Brand Manager Georg de Gorostiza says. And while the company traditionally beats its expectations handily, they’ve set high goals for themselves for their first Black Friday experience.

“We just missed the big Christmas shopping day last year, so this is a brand new experience for all of us,” de Gorostiza said. “It was tricky doing the math and figuring out how big of a discount we could give while still being profitable because we wanted to make Click-A-Brick as affordable as possible for parents. But, with 30 percent off the regular price, we think parents will find that to be a good deal and we can still do pretty well for ourselves if we meet our expectations for Black Friday. They’re high, but we believe they’re reachable.”

Of concern for the Click-A-Brick team was making sure the company had enough stock to meet the expected demand on Black Friday. Being the company’s first taste of the famous Christmas shopping day -- and considering that Lego has already stated they’ll be falling short on their orders for Christmas -- a potential lack of inventory was very much something the company had to consider, especially since sales have been high all week.

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