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Click-A-Brick Pleased By Newest Educational Building Set’s Early Sales Numbers

The Click-A-Brick team has been pleased so far with the sales of its latest educational building toy set, Bug’s Life. Released just a short time ago, the set has already proven popular with customers in both the United States and the United Kingdom, where it was simultaneously launched on both countries' Amazon sites.

The 30-piece set started selling well almost immediately and Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza chalk that up to it being released on both Amazon sites, the 20 percent discount that accompanied the set launch on the American Amazon site and kids’ inherent interest in insects.

“We have been pleased with the performance of Bug’s Life,” Smith said. “It’s out of the gate and off to a great start. This release is like our kick off to 2016 and if this is any indication about how it’s going to go, it looks like it will be a good year. Bug’s Life is just the beginning of a lot of great sets we have planned for this year and we’re pleased that it’s been such a hit with fans so far. All of our animal sets tend to do quite well and kids love those creepy crawlies. They hold such fascination for them.”

The Click-A-Brick team say the new educational building toy set, much like any of the company’s other sets, can be an ideal teaching tool for children. Specifically, Bug’s Life can be used to introduce them to the world of insects. Parents can read about the insects the set makes with their children and look at pictures of them before making the bugs with the bricks, the co-founders say. The set includes some visually striking insects, including rhinoceros and stag beetles, which the pair believe will get children’s imaginations fired up and prime them for learning about the fascinating insects they are building.

“What we especially like about this set is that it gives children a look at some pretty interesting bugs,” Smith said. “These aren’t your typical mosquitoes and flies, these are some really interesting looking bugs, including a couple of behemoths of the bug world in the rhino beetle and the stag beetle. Then there is the cicada, the insect world’s nighttime orchestra; the dragonfly, the insect world’s fighter jet and the grasshopper, the insect world’s star jumper. Anyone who found an interesting bug while growing up and stuck it in a jar (not that we condone putting bugs in jars), knows that insects hold a certain fascination for kids and can be a great way to get children interested in learning about the natural world around them.”

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