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Click-A-Brick Launches Latest 30-Piece Beach-Themed Educational Building Toy Set

Click-A-Brick has launched its newest educational building toy set, the beach-themed 30-piece Sandy Sidekicks. The set will be available on both the company’s United States and United Kingdom Amazon stores. Soon, it will also be available on the Click-A-Brick website.

The Sandy Sidekicks set includes red and white bricks, plus a pair of eyes and instructions for building a variety of sea creatures. Sandy Sidekicks will be compatible with other Click-A-Brick sets and children are encouraged to mix the sets and come up with their own creatures or creations.

Click-A-Brick has seen much success from its 30-piece animal-themed educational building toy sets, which prompted the company to release this newest one. Children tend to love animals and the sea is a whole new world to explore for them, Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say. The set should be especially interesting to kids who don’t live near the sea and don’t get to see these particular creatures often, the pair say.

“We’re confident this set will be popular with fans,” Smith said. “Kids can build a crab, a hermit crab, a shrimp and what we’re calling a sea scorpion. As always, we’re encouraging parents to use the set as a teaching tool for children to introduce them to the world of sea creatures. We’ve already learned while promoting this set that scorpions can live in intertidal zones near the sea and that millions of years ago there used to be actual sea scorpions, some of them growing to be as big as a man. We might inspire a few marine biologists or just feed kids’ insatiable hunger for learning, either is a good accomplishment for us.”

Following on the heels of Bug’s Life, which was released last week, this is the second set to be released by the company in February. One more set is due for release next week to cap off a busy first quarter for the company. The next set will be a 100-piece set followed later in the year by some specialty sets, some of which include robotic capabilities.

“We’re excited about our lineup for the rest of this year and it’s great to start it all off with a strong slate of sets in the first quarter,” de Gorostiza said. “Bug’s Life is selling well and we expect Sandy Sidekicks to be a good seller, as well. Then, when we release the set next week, which will be a 100-piecer, we’ll have a solid start to this year. Our plans for later in the year are exciting and we look forward to putting them into action, but first we have this really fun new set, Sandy Sidekicks, to introduce to fans. We hope they enjoy it and can use it to learn about the world under the sea.”

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