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Click-A-Brick Announces “Dino Deal” To Help Parents Afford Educational Building Sets

Click-A-Brick is celebrating the recent release of its newest 100-piece building set by making it more affordable for parents to get their children these educational toys. As part of the company’s “Dino Deal,” when a person purchases either a Carnivores set, they will receive a 30-piece Dino Pals set for free, for a limited time.

With the new 100-piece set currently selling at $34.99 on Amazon, that means customers will receive a total of 130 Click-A-Brick pieces for that same price.

In addition to being a celebration of the launch of its newest set, founder and owner Georg de Gorostiza says this is Click-A-Brick’s way of getting more educational toys into the hands of children so they can reap their benefits.

“This promotion serves a few purposes for us,” de Gorostiza says. “It’s to commemorate the occasion of our current launch. The last new set we launched was quite a while ago, so we’re just super excited to be giving Click-A-Brick fans something new finally. It’s been so long of a wait. It’s also to help get more building sets into the hands of children. Hands-on toys are such a good way for parents to bond with their children and the more children that get educational toys, the better.”

The new Carnivores set, which is also dinosaur-themed, is completely compatible with the older Dino Pals set and both are compatible with Click-A-Brick’s 11 other sets. Children ages five and up can mix and match bricks from all sets and connect them on all sides to build in any direction they choose.

De Gorostiza says this kind of open-ended play is good for children’s development and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning toys like Click-A-Brick have an integral role to play in this development. By offering the Dino Deal, kids get even more open ended play by receiving nearly a third more bricks than they would without the deal.

The 100-piece Carnivores set can be used to build a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Spinosaurus, a Pterodactyl, a Mosasaur and two Velociraptors. The  30-piece Dino Pals set can be used to construct a Carnotaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, and a Plesiosaur.

It is Click-A-Brick’s hope, de Gorostiza says, that parents can use the Dino Deal discount to help their children learn about the history of the world and the creatures that lived on it millions of years ago, as sometimes all it takes is a toy to spark a lifelong interest in learning for children and dinosaurs -- which are consistently popular with children -- are a good place to start.