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Click-A-Brick Pleased By Latest Building Block Set’s Early Sales Numbers

The team at building block toy company Click-A-Brick has been pleased thus far with the sales of its latest dinosaur-themed set, Herbivores. Released only a short time ago, the set has proven popular with customers on Amazon where it is currently selling.

The 100-piece set started selling well almost immediately and Founder and Owner Georg de Gorostiza chalks that up to the Dino Deal that accompanied the set launch on Amazon and kids’ inherent interest in dinosaurs. With the Dino Deal, whenever a customer purchases a Herbivores or Carnivores set, they also receive a 30-piece Dino Pals set for no additional cost.

“We have been thrilled with the performance of Herbivores,” de Gorostiza said. “It shot out of the gate to a great start. This release is basically our kick off to 2018 and if the sales numbers are any indication about how this year is going to go, it looks like we will have a superb year. Herbivores is the first new set we’ve released in two years and we are pleased that it’s been such a hit with fans so far. All of our animal sets tend to do quite well and kids love those giant lizards. They hold such fascination for them.”

The Click-A-Brick team say the new building block set, like the company’s other sets, can be an ideal teaching tool for children. Specifically, Herbivores can be used to introduce them to the world of dinosaurs. Parents can read about the dinosaurs the set makes with their children and look at pictures of them before constructing them with the bricks, the founder says. The set includes some visually striking dinosaurs, including a stegosaurus and a triceratops, which the founder and owner believes will get children’s imaginations fired up and prime them for learning about the fascinating dinosaurs they are building.

What de Gorostiza says he especially likes about this set is that it gives children a look at some interesting dinosaurs that children may not be familiar with. It has full color and illustrated instructions to build commonly known dinosaurs like the brontosaurus and the aforementioned triceratops and stegosaurus, but Herbivores also has instructions to build the less common ankylosaurus, which is full of spikes and has a huge club on its tail, something de Gorostiza says is sure to interest children. The instructions also show children how to construct two parasaurolophus, which have distinct, curved crests on the top of their heads. De Gorostiza says all the dinosaurs in Herbivores hold a certain fascination for kids and can be a great way to get children interested in learning about the history of the natural world.