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Educational Learning Toy Company Click-A-Brick Announces Latest Set: Herbivores

Educational learning toy company Click-A-Brick has announced its latest offering: the 100-piece dinosaur-themed Herbivores, which will soon be for sale on its Amazon page and later on its website.  

With bricks of yellow, green, brown, black and white, the Herbivores set will include instructions for constructing five different, well-known, plant-eating dinosaurs. The set can be used to construct:

  • A Triceratops
  • A Brontosaurus
  • A Stegosaurus
  • An Ankylosaurus
  • Two Parasaurolophus

With bricks of approximately one inch on all sides and with the ability to be connected from any side, thus enabling building in any direction, the Herbivores set will be suitable for children ages five and up to help develop their cognitive abilities, creativity and fine motor skills. The bricks in the Herbivores set will also be compatible with bricks in all other Click-A-Brick sets. The toy’s sturdy craftsmanship allows for children to play with their creations after they’re done building them.

Click-A-Brick Founder and Owner Georg de Gorostiza says he was inspired to release another dinosaur set because children always seem to love the giant, extinct lizards and Click-A-Brick’s 30-piece Dino Pals set has been a consistently high seller for the brand.

“Dinosaurs never really go out of style with kids and every once in a while they’ll get a boost from something that just sets off dino fever,” de Gorostiza said. “Recently, it’s been the reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise that has kids and adults alike excited for dinosaurs again. We like to keep on top of toy trends, obviously, so if kids are going nuts for it, we’re all over it. We hope kids have a fun time learning about the various giant herbivorous dinosaurs with this new set.”

Releasing dinosaur sets allows children to learn about the long-extinct giant lizards easier, as parents can use the toys as a jumping off point for talking about the different dinosaurs. De Gorostiza says a best-case scenario is for parents to pair playing with the Herbivores set and reading about dinosaurs. Once kids have created all the dinosaurs they can with the instructions that accompany the set, they can try to build the other dinosaurs they’re learning about.

For the company, the educational aspect of the toy is paramount, as Click-A-Brick is a strong proponent of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning. Also important is the interaction between parents and children, de Gorostiza says, as Click-A-Brick always espouses the importance of parents engaging with their children to facilitate development and a strong bond between parent and child. The founder and owner says he knows many parents who are also interested in dinosaurs even as adults and he hopes this new set will draw them into play as they help educate their kids about world history and maybe inspire some future paleontologists.