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Connect With Your Imagination

Experience a new kind of building toy that engages and teaches your child while having fun!  Not limited to building straight up like other brick toys, our 3-D design allows your child to build in all directions while promoting learning and creativity.

Build More Than One Creation With Every Set

Every Click-A-Brick building toy is designed around a unique theme, which comes with instructions to build multiple creations.  Most other building toys allow you to create a single image which kids can get bored with quickly.  With Click-A-Brick, your child will love exploring the many things they can create while keeping them engaged longer and having fun!

Starter Sets
Advance Sets Accessories

Strong Enough To Play With

We know your child will enjoy building many creations with their new Click-A-Brick set, but they will have even more fun playing with them!  Click-A-Brick's are engineered to fit tightly together, forming connections that will not easily break to allow your child to play with their new formed friends and figures.