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About Us

Click-A-Brick Toys is a small, family-owned company that has a passion for toys. We strongly believe that helping children use their imaginations, critically think, and have FUN all by using our products is the right thing to do.

In our own way, we are committed to assisting in the education of children. We believe that creativity is the key to the door of endless possibilities. We hope that Click-A-Brick connects your child with their imagination.

You will find that we go over-the-top with customer service - and we like it that way! Our goal is to ensure that each person who purchases our product will be a life-long, raving fan of our company. If a problem is encountered, it will be completely solved by our ace customer service team. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Thank you for your interest in Click-A-Brick! We hope you enjoy your experience with us!