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139 Halloween Ideas for Having a Fangtastic Time

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Looking for Halloween ideas? We’ve got you covered. From quick, no-sew costumes to party ideas to crafts and pumpkin decorating, we’ve scoured the internet for the best Halloween ideas.

51 Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

If you like to do things yourself, but you aren’t crazy about sewing, these 51 costume ideas are right up your alley. From Space Girl to Campfire (yes, you can dress like a campfire!) to our personal favorite … a building block (!!!!) check out dozens of super easy and craft-friendly kids (or adults) costume ideas.

13 Smashing No Carve Pumpkins

When it comes to pumpkins and Halloween, naturally everyone concentrates on jack-o’-lanterns. They’re super fun to make and you can get really creative with them. But, the downside is they’re messy and they require cutting with a sharp knife, which means a parent usually ends up doing the majority of the work.

But, jack-o’-lanterns aren’t the only thing you can do with pumpkins for Halloween. Check out these 13 non-jack-o’-lantern ideas you can do with pumpkins.

35 Halloween Kids’ Crafts

Halloween is a perfect time to do some crafts with your kids. The holiday lends itself well to tapping into their creativity and letting it shine. Try some of these fun crafts with your children.

Click-A-Brick STEM educational toys for boys and girls

25 Halloween Games for a Spooky (And Silly) Party!

You don’t just have to go door-to-door for Halloween. Why not invite some people over and have a Halloween party? If you have a kids’ party, though, you obviously need some great games to play to keep everyone entertained. Here are over two dozen Halloween party games to try.

15 Party Themes to Put Kids in the Halloween Spirit

If you have a Halloween party, why not have a theme? Check out over a dozen different Halloween party themes to choose from here.

We hope you are able to find the perfect Halloween costume, craft, party game and party theme with this bevy of resources. No matter what you do for Halloween, stay safe and have fun!