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Your Children Build Strength Of Character With Block Play

During childhood, education toys such as block play are an integral part of learning, both inside and outside of educational environments.

Fun and learning are one activity for children. With play, their minds begin to make more sense of the world that they live in. Dimensions of space and time, explorations of the body and mind, the manipulation of shapes and colors, interactions with adults and other children; all aspects of development are facilitated through play.

Solid research has demonstrated this time and time again, though as parents we can also rely on our own observations of how our children interact with the world. Play encourages social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being.

There are a lot of types of play that are great for children's development, especially where it involves problem solving, imagination, or both. Block play is very helpful for character building, because it stimulates your child cognitively, imaginatively, emotionally, and socially.

Socially, children interact with their peers, teachers, adults, and parents more than usual during block play. In the building stage, these interactions involve co-operation in order to solve a problem, all the while having fun. Later, imagination games ensue, and the realm of ideas is explored with others.

This promotes strong bonds, and skills that benefit children to no end. In terms of character building, social skills are a crucial part of personality and individuation. Block play is good practice for socializing both for problem solving, and for pleasure and expansion.

Building with Educational Blocks
Building with Educational Blocks
Emotional and cognitive intelligence also help to strengthen character. Children often act out their emotional life during play, expressing how they feel through imagination, role play, and scenarios. In this way their emotions are not suppressed, but rather they are dealt with in a healthy way. Emotionally, children can express their fears, feelings, joys, and preferences through the block play itself, and also in their decisions about what to build in the first place.

Block play also promotes a good level of cognitive stimulation. There is never too much pressure on your child, and ultimately they can build what they want, at their own pace. Click-A-Brick™ has instructional designs, that serve to create a little cognitive tension - but in a very fun way, while also allowing the freedom for them to create freely. Having both instructional and free creativity is crucial to balanced character building.

Ultimately, a strong character is a developed individual. Children all grow up to be individuals through the preferences and personalities that they develop. Block play requires that your child explore and demonstrate their likes and dislikes, their dreams and nightmares, and their own self. Even the animal that they choose to build, for them, will represent the part of themselves that they most resonate with at the time. A feeling.

Block play is one of the most engaging ways for children to play, and ticks all of the boxes when it comes to character building. Through creative and imaginative play, your child will learn to become the person that they want to become.