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Play Outside With Your Children This Spring With Click-A-Brick Building Toys

The cold dreary months of the winter are slowly coming to an end, beckoning forth the warm(ish) rays of spring. Even if you are the sort of parent who encourages your children to get outside and hack the cold, it is very likely that the whole family has been a little more housebound than you would be in the summer. This spring, why not play outside more with your children?

Outside play has been shown to have many more health benefits for your children than inside play. In a lot of ways, this is common sense. The air is better to breathe, the sunlight kisses the skin and allows for the production of vitamin D, and children are more free to play without the limits of the home.

Many children have a vitamin D deficiency, mostly due to a lack of sunlight. Just 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day can help children to get their daily dose of this crucial vitamin, which improves health, energy levels, mood, and memory.

Being outside encourages more activity, and a more creative kind of play. Click-A-Brick facilitates imagination whether it is played with indoors or outdoors, but outdoors your children have more room to run around, and can merge the figures and characters that they have created with the outdoor environment.

Building Toys in Springtime
Building Toys in Springtime
For example, your children's imagination will run away with itself when they play with the lion in the Safari building toy set, in a grass field with trees and bushes. You might find them running around in a the Savanna of their mind while you relax in the park!

Being outside, especially in a natural environment, has even been shown to reduce stress levels in children (yes, they feel it too!). Even the sight of green space can have this relaxing effect, on adults and children alike.

Even more astounding perhaps, a study has suggested that your children may actually develop better eyesight by playing outside, or they will at least avoid a deterioration of eyesight by being indoors too much.

It is also important that children understand the world that they live in, outside of what they see on a screen. Nature is the ultimate teacher, and children can begin to know more about the world by observing the forces that are at work, and the elements that are at play. If you encourage them to play with building toys outside, they will benefit not only from the educational value of the toy, but also from the educational value of the natural environment too.

Playing inside with Click-A-Brick is immensely beneficial, but we recommend that you get out there and breathe in some nice fresh air, run around a bit with your child, and give them some creative space outside of the home environment, so they can grow and learn for themselves, without the usual restrictions. (“Be careful near that ornament”, and so on!)

So take your child and their Click-A-Brick building toys outside this spring, for some fun and healthy play.