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5 Activities for Indoor Winter Fun

Sometimes it’s just too darn cold to go outside in the winter. That’s when you need to be a little creative to keep your kids occupied. We, of course, recommend giving them Click-A-Brick to play with, but you can always try these other fantastic ideas courtesy of Family Days YouTube channel.

Colander Creativity

Step 1: Get a pack of pipe cleaners.

Step 2: Get a colander.

Step 3: Get your kids to make a creation by inserting the pipe cleaners into the colander.

Step 4: Marvel at their creation (even if you have no idea what it's supposed to be).


Step 1: Get some masking or painter’s tape and a rug (can also be done directly on the carpet or floor).

Step 2: Put the tape on the rug or carpet or floor and make roads with it.

Step 3: Ask your kids to build a neighborhood for you (preferably with Click-A-Bricks).

No Mess “Finger Painting”

Step 1: Get some paint, some sealable freezer bags and some painter’s tape and fill the bags with about one cup of paint.

Step 2:

Tape bags to wall with painter’s tape and let kids run their fingers along the plastic and make designs in the paint.

Indoor Snow Play

Gather some pots and pans and spoons from the kitchen, fill them with snow and put them in or on some kind of waterproof surface that can be cleaned easily and let the kids play in the snow … indoors!

Craft Explosion

Step 1: Gather any scrap crafting materials that you have (or visit the dollar store) and also get some cardboard from an old box (you can use any kind of sturdy paper) and basic, white glue

Step 2: Let the kids glue things where they like and make whatever they like (and, again, marvel at their creations no matter how weird they look).

We hope you can use some of these ideas from Family Days.