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Have You Taken the Play Pledge?

Have you taken the Play Pledge yet?

If you’re not sure what that is, allow us to fill you in.

It’s part of ‘The Genius of Play’ initiative and by taking the pledge, parents commit to providing their children a certain number of hours per week of open-ended play. You get to choose the number of hours you want to commit to.

The Genius of Play and the Play Pledge are initiatives of the Toy Industry Association and once the organization reaches its goal of one million pledged hours, it will make a charitable donation to The Toy Bank, which gives toys to disadvantaged kids around the world.

As you know, we’re huge proponents of play acting as a tool for childhood development and our goal with Click-A-Brick has always been to give parents an affordable educational toy that your kids will love to play with. We love the idea of The Genius of Play initiative and the Play Pledge is an excellent feature.

We also commend the Toy Industry Association for starting The Genius of Play initiative as a gentle and fun reminder to parents that unstructured playtime is a much needed element of a child’s life.

Videos, tips, toy picks and other expert advice can all be found at, where parents, caregivers and children can take the Play Pledge.

Check it out and take the pledge!