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Click-A-Brick to Visit Sunrise Children's Hospital to Spread Some Christmas Cheer

It's that time of year again, time to spread Christmas joy around to one and all.

Click-A-Brick will be doing its part, giving away sets at the Sunrise Children's Hospital in Las Vegas tomorrow!

We will be there at 10 am together with Fox 5 News and a special guest who is coming in all the way from the North Pole! That's right: Santa Claus himself will be there!

Our aim is to bring some much-needed cheer to the children at Sunrise. Many of these children will have to spend Christmas in the hospital and it is our hope that giving them a Click-A-Brick set will bring a smile to their faces and just let them be kids for a bit rather than kids who are sick and in the hospital.

All the children who are able to will join us in the playroom for about a half-hour of free play with us and our sets. We will have enough sets to give one to every child, whether or not they are able to come into the playroom.

Santa will be in the playroom, too, with his red sack handing out Click-A-Brick sets.

We can't wait for tomorrow! This is what Christmas is all about!