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Toys from Trash Project Delightful Way for Kids to Learn STEM (and Frugality)

If you’re looking for a way to teach your children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and also give them a bit of a lesson in frugality, may we suggest checking out Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash project.

Basically, what Gupta does is create simple toys from objects that you can quite easily find in the trash or in a junk drawer at home (think bottle caps, batteries, paper clips etc.). He has dozens of videos that teach kids how to create all kinds of little contraptions that will stimulate their imaginations and get them thinking about how stuff works.

For example, he has one video that teaches children how to make a simple working motor with an AA battery, a piece of copper wire and a magnet. Many of Gupta’s projects explore science, engineering, math and simple electronics like the aforementioned motor and they’re a fun way for kids to educate and entertain themselves with stuff they find laying around the house.

The quote at the top of Gupta’s website reads; “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it!” and while we don’t quite agree with that, we love Gupta’s enthusiasm about re-using items that are broken or considered to be trash.

Check out his website and see if there is anything your children might enjoy making.