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Playtime for adults? Awesome!


Have you heard about the trend that is popping up at some libraries and other locations around the country?

It’s adult playtime!

That’s right, adults congregate in a specified place at a specified time and date and instead of talking about boring old business stuff, they just play with toys!

We first heard about these adult play sessions via the San Jose Mercury News, where reporter Angela Hill talked about her own experience during the ‘Legos for Grown-Ups’ play session held at lunchtime every third Thursday of the month at the Mountain View Public Library.

Basically, it’s just a chance for adults to spend their lunch hour playing with building blocks in a completely unstructured way, similar to how children would play. Hill said these grown-up play sessions attract up to 20 adults and the library introduced them as a way to strengthen their adult programs.

We’re so impressed with the concept of adult play sessions that we’re gonna go ahead and do it right here at Click-A-Brick. We’re gonna leave some Click-A-Brick sets in the lunchroom so anyone who is on break can get their play on and create something fun and fantastic to help them unwind and just let their mind wander as their hands make a mini masterpiece ... kind of like play meditation, if you will.

What do you think about adults having unstructured playtime? Does it sound fun to you or would you rather leave playing up to the kids and do something else instead?