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Let's Meet the Sandy Sidekicks' Sidekicks

We could all use a sidekick in life. They just make things so much more fun. May we suggest getting yourself not one, but four sidekicks?

You'll find four different critters to make in Click-A-Brick's brand new 30-piece Sandy Sidekicks set. Let's see who these sand dwellers are.

Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs live in empty shells, usually empty sea snail shells. The reason they have to live inside a shell is because unlike real crabs that have hard bodies, hermit crabs have soft lower bodies and it's dangerous for them to live without a shell for protection.

There are many different types of hermit crabs. Some only grow to tiny sizes and some can grow to be as big as coconuts.



There are many many many different kinds of crabs. Some of them are really small and some of them are really big. Some crabs live in salt water, some in fresh water and some even live on land. Crabs have a hard exoskeleton and usually have a pair of pincers or claws.

You definitely don't want to get pinched by a crab!


Like hermit crabs and crabs, there are many different kinds of shrimp in the world and you can find them just about anywhere from the oceans to rivers to lakes. They tend to have thin legs, which aren't very good for walking, but they are great swimmers and can even swim backwards if they need to.

Sea Scorpion

No scorpions actually live in the sea, but scorpions are able to adapt to live in just about any habitat on land. Some species live by the sea in intertidal zones (the area between low tide and high tide) and many species are sand-loving desert dwellers. Scorpions have a set of pincers like a crab and they have a tail that packs a stinger at the end.

Sea Scorpion Bonus

While no scorpions live in the sea now, between 467 to 418 million years ago, there used to be sea scorpions. When they were alive, some of them could grow to be as large as an adult person, but most of them averaged between 5 - 9 inches.