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MyFamilyBuilders is a Delightfully Different Kind of Building Block (and we Love it)

You know we here at Click-A-Brick love us some building blocks, and you know what one of the best things you can build with building blocks is? A family!

A new building toy that is specifically meant to teach children about racial diversity among families and to be more representative of various family makeups has us thrilled.

MyFamilyBuilders is a building set that contains either 48 or 32 magnetized pieces that consist of heads, torsos and lower bodies that can connect together to form various combinations of people. The set is meant for children to be able to create families that look like their own, but also to consider how other families may have different makeups than the traditional families usually represented in toys.

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The building set was created by a man named Ez Karpf when he became frustrated at the lack of diversity he saw in toys when he went to buy a toy for his friend’s daughter that reflected her multi-racial family, but could not find any.

There is a distinct lack of less traditional families represented in toys like families with same-gender parents or parents of different ethnic backgrounds. With MyFamilyBuilders, children can create their own interpretations of what a family looks like and can build a family that looks like their own if they are part of a multiracial family or their family has two parents of the same gender.

Karpf wasn’t alone when he developed the toy. He had partners that included a child psychologist and an education specialist. The family building blocks come with a set of cards that are meant to help educate children about different types of families.

We’ve seen several different toys introduced recently that address the lack of diversity in the toy aisle, but most of them do it on an individual basis The beauty of MyFamilyBuilders is that it gets kids to look at diversity from the perspective of a family unit and it educates them about diversity within family units.

Although Click-A-Brick teaches children skills related to the science, technology, engineering and math fields, which is hugely popular right now, we appreciate any toy that is educational in nature and learning about diversity and the different family makeups is just as important for kids as learning about science or engineering.