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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of a Click-A-Brick cube?

A: The standard cube's dimensions are approximately 1"x1"x1", however there are some half cubes, triangles, and miscellaneous pieces that may be smaller in some sets.

Q: How are these different from other building blocks?

A: Unlike traditional building blocks that only have top/bottom points of connection, Click-A-Bricks have connecting capabilities on all six sides, which allows for the creation of 3-D objects. Also, there are unique bricks in our larger sets that allow for creations to have moment in the form of wheels and spinners, which bring the creations to life.

Q: What are the educational benefits of these blocks?

A: They help with fine motor skills, critical thinking and problem solving, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and have numerous STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) benefits, as well as help with recognizing shapes and colors.

Q: How many things can I make at the same time?

A: Each set offers multiple possible creations that can be built one at a time. For example, here's all the different things you can make with our Animal Kingdom Set: 

 Or Or   Or  Or  

Q: How many eyes come with the set?

A: The 30 piece set come with 1 set of eyes, or 2 eaches.

Q: How many wheels come in the big set?

A: There are four wheels in the 100 piece sets.

Q: What’s the recommended age for these?

A: The recommended age for our 30 piece sets is 4+. The recommended age for our 100+ piece sets is 5+.

Q: Does the set come with a storage option?

A: At the moment no, but a we are developing a cloth storage bag to be included in all sets in the very near future.

Q: Is this a good toy for traveling?

A: The 30 piece sets are the perfect traveling size!

Q: How big is the box it comes in?

A: The box for the 30 piece sets is 5 ”x 6” x 1¼” and the box for the 100 piece set is 9” x 6½” x 2¼”



                                               *These Images are NOT to scale

Q: Do the creations fall apart easily?

A:  No, they stay together really well.

Q: Are there any toxins in the product?

A: No, they are made from all safe ABS plastic.

Q: Do the bricks pose a choking hazard?

A: The bricks may present a choking hazard for children under 4. Adult supervision is recommended for younger children.

Q: How do they move and rotate?

A: The 100 piece sets come with a unique piece, we call a spinner, that allows for the bricks to actually rotate once connected through a spinner.

Q: Would these be a good tool for the classroom?

A: These are fantastic for the classroom! They have so many applications for teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related materials as well as aides for art (shape, color, form).

Q: What kinds of discounts do you offer?
A: We offer money off discounts on multiple set orders. They are listed on our Amazon Store Page.

Q: My bricks won’t come apart? Any suggestions?

A: We’ve heard that a butter knife is an excellent prying tool. lol. (j/k-we DO NOT recommend this method!)  We are offering a special prying tool in our new sets soon to help with those extra snug pieces. But the number one thing that works is continued play, which allows the bricks to loosen enough that they become easier to disconnect.

Q: Can I order more eyes?

A: We offer a Booster Box that has more eyes, more wheels, and more spinners. We do not offer them individually at this time.