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10 Outdoor Science Experiments to Make Your Kids Say "Whoa!"

STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

We here at Click-A-Brick know kids love science and they love being outdoors, so why not combine the two?

We often think of science experiments and lessons taking place inside of a laboratory, but you can do simple science experiments outside, too. And it’s super easy to get your kids involved.

Here are 10 ideas that for outdoor science experiments that you can do with your kids.

  1. Make You Own Bubble Blowing Solution
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Kids love blowing and chasing bubbles in the park or yard, but those little bottles of bubble solution can get expensive. But, there’s no need to buy those overpriced bubble solutions anyway because it’s super simple just to make your own. Plus, it’s a ton of fun to do it yourself and you can easily get your kids involved.

Here are three bubble solution recipes to try with your kids. See which one works best!

  1. Mentos Geysers
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

A classic science experiment, adding Mentos to diet soda will produce a huge geyser that will have your kids going crazy with excitement when they see it. They’re probably going to see several videos of this throughout their childhood and they’ll want to try it, so why not be the one to show it to them first and get some cool parenting cred?

Follow these simple instructions to show your kids what happens when Mentos meets diet soda.

  1. Start Your Own Compost Pile
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Not just educational, but useful if you have a garden or like to grow plants. You’ll need some space for this one and it’s a long-form experiment, meaning you won’t see results for a while, but you can keep an eye on it throughout the summer to note the changes that take place.

Click here for directions on how to create your own compost pile.

  1. Make it Rain in a Bag
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Technically, this is an indoor activity, but it teaches kids about weather and it’s great for a rainy day because you can teach your kids why it’s raining. The great thing about this activity in particular is that you can introduce a bit of artistry, too, because you need to draw a scene for it.

Read here about making it rain inside a bag.

  1. Float or Sink
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

This one couldn’t be simpler. You just go for a walk somewhere outdoors and collect items from nature like a leaf, a rock, a stick, a feather, a mushroom, etc. And then you ask your child if they think the item will sink or float and record what they say. Take your items home and fill a bucket with water and see whether they were right about which items would float or sink.

Get the full set of instructions for Float or Sink here.

  1. Nature Color Hunt
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Another super easy one, cut out squares of different colored construction paper and line the bottom of an ice cube tray with them. Then, set your kids loose and get them to find things outside that match the colors in the tray.

You can find the full directions for Nature Color Hunt right here.

  1. DIY Rainbows and Prisms
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

You can make rainbows in lots of different ways either inside or outside. Have a blast making your own rainbows using any one of the many methods you can use to create these beautiful, natural wonders.

Find several different methods for DIY rainbows right here.

  1. Elephant Toothpaste
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Does Dumbo need his tusks brushed?

This thick, strong foam isn’t actual elephant toothpaste, but it sure looks like something an elephant would use to brush its teeth. Your children will have a total blast making it and playing with it.

See directions on how to make elephant toothpaste here.

  1. Walking Water
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

Something you can do in or outdoors. All you need is some cups, some paper towel and some food coloring to get water to “walk” from one cup to another and see what happens when you mix two different colors.

See directions for making walking water here.

  1. 10. Backyard Weather Station
    STEAM building block toy for boys and girls

This one takes some specialized equipment, but it is a great long-term science experiment for your child that can teach them how to take and record measurements and look for patterns. In this case, they’ll be looking for patterns in the weather over the summer.

Find directions for creating your own backyard weather station here.

We hope these 10 outdoor science experiments and activities will help you keep your kids busy throughout the spring and summer months. You can always use our Bug’s Life set to kickstart a conversation about the bugs in your area, our Feather Friends set to get your kids interested in bird watching or the Sandy Sidekicks set to learn about what they can find at the beach.

Have fun out there!