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6 Wooden Toys For Babies, Toddlers & Kids that Will Boost Development

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

This week's blog post comes to us from Amanda Reid of Such & Such home decor. 

Toys are more than just playthings for toddlers and babies. They play a substantial role in their sensory, emotional, social and motor development. Small children have a tendency to explore everything that catches their attention. They touch, observe and put things in their mouth to test their form and texture and also to ease their teething troubles. For this reason,  it is necessary to ensure the toys they play with follow all safety standards meant for children in this age group.

Before buying wooden toys make sure that the material is good and splinter free to prevent them from injuring your child. Here is a list of some of the best toys that are made from wood for toddlers and babies.

1. Reiko Kaneko Breakfast ExpressTrain Set

Click-A-Brick construction set toys for boys and girls

Toddlers' meal times can be a battleground. You sometimes have to trick them into eating their food with play. This mini train set from Reiko Kaneko helps you do just that. It has three bone china carriages with wooden wheels. The carriages are joined together with hidden magnets. What makes this toy-cum-breakfast set interesting is the holder for the egg on the first carriage, a toast rack on the second and a salt and pepper compartment in the third carriage, enough to make your little tot have a blast while eating breakfast. With this new toy, your toddler won't ever refuse to eat their meals because breakfast will be so fun!

 2. Hape Fix It Kid's Wooden Tool Box

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

All toddlers are super curious about the objects they come across. They play with them, break them and then try to fix them again. This wooden toolbox from Hape is perfect to let them pretend to build, deconstruct what they've built and rebuild again. This play set is great for developing hand eye coordination skills and has 14 toy pieces, including a hammer, wood pieces, a wrench, tape and screws. It'a great buy for boys or girls, as they all love playing with tools. This toy set is not suitable for children under three years of age.

3. Hop And Peck British Wooden Tractor

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

Most little kids love to have a toy they can keep with them at all times. This handmade wooden tractor from Hop and Peck is perfect to accompany your child. It's crafted from solid oak wood and has a delicate yet sturdy feel. This tractor is carefully designed to fit your toddler's tiny hands and fingers with large rounded wheels painted in child - friendly colors. The body of this wooden tractor is perfectly smooth with rounded edges. This toy is meant for children above 3 years. 

4. Mellissa and Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

This high-rise dollhouse is perfect for kids who are fascinated by dollhouses. This house is built with a modern design with large windows, an elevator to take your dolls upstairs and a garage in the ground floor. The best thing about this dollhouse is that it comes with 15 furniture pieces for your dolls. You have to assemble all the pieces to construct this house, which may take a little more time, but the end result is worth all the time you spend in putting this house together.

5. Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Wooden Balance Bike

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

Wooden bikes are the latest addition in the wooden toy collection for kids. This three wheeled convertible bike from Kinderfeets is the smallest bike available for toddlers. The seat is cushioned for extra comfort with non-toxic soft covers on the handlebars. It is a convertible bike and you can remove one of the tires to transform it into a two-wheeled balance bike. This bike is made from bamboo and has wide rubber tires. Kinderfeets manufactures all wooden bikes in an environmentally responsible way, as they make a conscious effort to plant one tree for every wooden bike they manufacture.

6. Janod Mint Wooden Scooter

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls

This mint colored wooden scooter is an instant show stopper and your kid will surely be amused with its retro inspired look. This scooter is manufactured by Janod, a leading wooden toy manufacturer in France that has won several awards for creating timeless educational toys. This two wheeled bike comes with inflatable tires and a comfortable, adjustable seat. There is tachometer at its head with false lights, which makes it look like a real scooter. This bike is great for developing balance and coordination for young kids before they become ready to ride a bicycle. It's suitable for 3 to 5 year olds.

Author Bio:

Amanda Reid is a working woman. What started out as a hobby in interior design has quickly become her passion. and interior design has become her full-time job. Her career as a designer is going well. At present, she is working with home decor company Such & Such. She is keen to help people plan their dream home. Her motto is: “No Dream Is Too Big, No Dreamer Too Small.”

Click-A-Brick construction toy sets for boys and girls