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5 Fun Games You & Your Child Can Play With Building Toys

Building toys are a fun and educational way for you and your child to engage in play. The imagination of your child will allow them to create an infinite world of fun and games out of building blocks, and we have no doubt that they will come up with their own entertainment.

However, engaging in play with educational toys with your child can greatly enhance the value of their learning, and can also be a lot of fun for both you and them! 

To help you to get involved, here are 5 fun games that you and your child can play using building toys.

  1. Copycats

In this game you simply split your building blocks among whoever is playing, and copy each other's shapes and objects. Everyone takes turn to be the leader, while the others are the copycats. The leader builds something and everyone else has to make it the same. Try to create objects that are at the right level for your child; not too tough, but still challenging. You can make the game more advanced by having to mimic colors too!

  1. Build The Highest

There is no thrill like building a tower higher and higher until it just has to fall down! In this game you use your building toys to build upwards. You can vary the game with different rules. Maybe you can only build a single cube wide, or maybe you can build a sturdy base, or in any way you want as long as it ends up the tallest. To add even more fun you can have an exciting time limit!

  1. Who Can Make The Coolest...

In this game you divide up the building blocks and then take turns choosing something to make. The person who's turn it is says “who can make the coolest...” and then names their object. Use your imagination and come up with fun things to build, and then race against the clock to see who can make something close. It can be hilarious to see who comes up with the silliest looking bird in 5 minutes!

  1. The Trail

You might need quite a few building blocks for this game, but it is one of the most fun and outrageous ways to make a mess with your kid. You might have to let them know that this game is not an everyday occurrence, but more of a special treat. You work together to build the biggest building toy trail the world has ever seen. Pick a room to begin in, and then work your way outwards around the house, down the stairs, into the garden. No two trails are ever the same!

  1. Imagination Games!

You are never too old for imagination games, and no matter how many cool ways that you show your kids that they can play with their building toys, they will usually go back to playing in a make-believe world. Why not? It can be a lot of fun in the world of imagination, and imagination is good for your child's development too. You can probably let your kids take the lead on this one, but just be receptive and don't be shy. Get involved with pretend play, whether its a Click-A-Brick safari expedition, or a robot battle in a sky-city!