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Educational Toy Company Founders Laud The Efforts Of The National Nonprofit KaBOOM!

KaBOOM! is a national non-profit that is committed to increasing the quantity and quality of play available to children. Darrell Hammond, the CEO and Founder of KaBOOM!, aims to raise awareness of the importance of play in the fostering of healthy lives and communities. Since 1996, KaBOOM! has collaborated with a series of partners to build, open or improve nearly 16,000 playgrounds, engage more than one million volunteers and serve over 7.4 million children.

Jason Smith, Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick, supports the initiative and philosophy of KaBOOM!

“The fact is that the demands of modern life can sometimes make providing playtime very difficult,” Smith said. “I see it with my own kids; it’s a challenge for every parent out there. Structured schedules added to the temptations of TV and video games make it difficult for children to get the balance of active play that they need. Our drive in creating our toy sets was to create opportunities for children to play and explore and grow. They deserve an active and balanced play-filled childhood, and I believe it’s our responsibility to provide it for them.”

Pediatricians confirm that providing time for active play can help build kids’ social skills and improve their confidence. It also encourages their capacity to store new information, allowing them to approach problems from multiple angles and discover multiple solutions. It enhances their creativity by allowing them to recombine ideas and transform objects.
Multiple studies have found that providing children with time for play can help their brains to develop. Playtime allows them to use their imagination to explore and to create. This enhances their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also provides them with an emotional outlet to increase their sense of well-being.

The Co-Founder of Click-A-Brick Georg de Gorostiza identifies with these findings. “I think that the prosperity of a society begins with the health and comfort of our children,” de Gorostiza said. “Play is an integral part of a child’s well being. It is central to their ability to grow into a productive adult. Here at Click-A-Brick, we like to consider ourselves as ambassadors for play. Our toy sets were designed to spark the imagination. We want to provide children with the opportunity to explore and interact with the world around them. Jason and I are big fans of what KaBOOM! is trying to do and fully support them.”

Through its many initiatives, KaBOOM! aims to foster play everywhere, creating active minds within active bodies and bringing together friends and families and communities within this common goal.

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